How We Help The Middle East Save Water

Leaks Detected From Space

Thousands of Kilometers Detected at Once!

With the technology that is used to search for water on other planets, it analyzes satellite images to detect water leaks on the earth. Leaks are detected by a satellite 637 km from the earth using SAR technology.

The Result?

Leaks are found without the time and manpower of field-based acoustic surveys. Leaks are displayed in user friendly GIS reports with great accuracy and with significant savings in terms of work compared to current methods of leak detection.

Complete Data Reports

The raw imagery is then overlaid on a client’s GIS water network and is processed by unique algorithms. The algorithm detects potable water by looking for a particular spectral “signature” typical to treated water. User friendly reports are delivered with pin-pointed leak locations.

Watch How The Technology Works


Leaks Detected
Kilometers of Pipes Scanned
Gallons of Water Saved